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SideArm Club

SideArm Club

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The Sidearm Club Ball Thrower - whatever standard and format of cricket you play, Sidearm can help you become a better batsman. Sidearm offers high quality batting practice, allowing one person to provide a batsman with quick, accurate, swinging and seaming deliveries with little effort. Replicating all the rhythms and trajectories of a real bowler, Sidearm give the most effective batting practice possible.

If you are a good club level player who spends their weekends at the crease for your local team or a coach up to level 2 then this is the Sidearm for you!


  • Sidearm Club is designed to allow colt, novice and village cricketers the best practice available.

  • The Sidearm Club can reach upwards of 65mph.

  • Its very easy to use, and can be mastered by most cricketers within 5 or 10 minutes.

  • A great way for parents whose throwing and bowling days may be behind them to give little Johnny or Johnetta top quality practice whenever they need it.

  • The Sidearm Club has been designed to throw lighter cricket practice balls such as incrediballs or windballs for colt practice, as well as full weight cricket balls.

  • It's also a great tool for building confidence and getting the body moving by being fed loads of eminently hittable deliveries.

  • 5 minutes in a net before an important innings and you'll go out to the middle feeling like you're on about 120!

  • Any coach who uses the Sidearm club for a couple of sessions will soon be able to throw different lengths and lines at will, mixing yorkers and bouncers to really keep the batsman reacting as they would in a game situation.

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