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MK8 Glove

MK8 Glove

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The MK8 is made from premium Y1 Reinforced Plastic Shell with an anthropometric design to mirror the shape of the hand. This glove offers greater protection for your hand than the MK7 with thicker foam padding to absorb the blows taken to the hand whilst playing, without compromising on feel. The open palm design allows for a natural feel of the stick, and Opti Grip on the fingers ensures your hands donÕt slip.

Our 2023/24 range is here to celebrate the amazing nature, colours and culture that can be found in Africa. As a company, Y1 is now carbon neutral and we are continually looking to reduce our impact on the planet, from reducing single use plastics to offsetting our carbon footprint. We are only at the beginning of our sustainability journey and we have a long way to go, however our passion for growing the game feels especially relevant with this yearÕs range.

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