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Fire Steel Tip Darts

Fire Steel Tip Darts

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Harrows Fire High Grade Alloy Steel Tip Darts Specifications:

Brand: Harrows
Darts Material: Stainless Steel
Darts Weight: 21g | 22g | 23g | 24g

Fire High Grade Alloy is the latest addition to our dynamic dart range. The tapered barrel is mid-weighted with a mix of shark and ring cuts, giving it a striking appearance and optimum feel. Taking inspiration from Fire Inferno, this dart is has a durable black coating with vibrant silver and red rings. Fire Alloy darts are supplied with Black Speedline shafts and Fire flights. Match weighed to +/- 0.05g.

Dart Dimensions:

  • 21g - 8.40mm x 60mm
  • 22g - 8.60mm x 60mm
  • 23g - 8.90mm x 60mm
  • 24g - 9.20mm x 60mm

Harrows Fire High Grade Alloy Steel Tip Darts Contains: 3 Darts, 3 Dart Flights and 3 Dart Shafts

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