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Ultimate Plantar Fascia Sock

Ultimate Plantar Fascia Sock

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Support Level 3

Overnight improved healing for plantar fascia injury. Comfortable stocking with adjustable strap to hold the foot in a dorsiflexed position

Recommended for: night-time wear to help relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

  • Adjustable strap provides a gentle lift to the toe-end of the foot, gently stretching the Plantar-Fascia. 
  • Tailored design minimises bunching for all-night comfort.


  • XSmall = 3-5.5 (36-38)
  • Small = 6-8 (39-42)
  • Regular = 8.5-11.5 (42.5-46.5)
  • XLarge = 12-14 (47-49)
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