Welcome to Sportology - thanks for finding our website. 

Please take a look through our range of Club Clothing and Sporting Equipment.

You may have noticed that there is a much smaller selection of our stock on our site, compared to our lovely shop in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield.

This is because we believe you should ideally try on or test out your new purchases before you buy them.  Hockey sticks, cricket bats, helmets, pads, gloves, boots, shoes, shirts and other items need, in our humble opinion, to be tried out and tried on.  And so far, we haven't found a better way than in person in our shop. 

However, we know that this isn't always possible, so there is a full range of Club Clothing available here.  Also there is some of our range of current season equipment as well as prior season clearance items - you might have already tried out the ones your friends and team mates bought.....

This is where we are different from those other "sports" fashion retailers. You know who they are!

After 12 years of business, our experienced sport-playing staff are here, 6 days a week to share their knowledge and advice on the perfect piece of equipment to suit and, hopefully, improve your game.

We don't sell skill and talent - that's your job.... but we can offer advice here and there.

Whether it's a new shape of hockey stick, a change in wood quality in a cricket bat or a position specific netball shoe to help you improve.

We are here to help. 

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