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XP100 Body Armour

XP100 Body Armour

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If you are looking for the ultimate body armour you can trust on the rugby pitch, then the XP100 from Gilbert Rugby is the best you will find. As rugby players, we know injury can be in the back of your mind when you take to the rugby pitch, that's why we have developed a series of tough body armour for you, made for rugby. 

Our new and improved body armour design is made from recycled polyester. The 100% recycled polyester comes from plastic bottles collected from the ocean and processed into a technical polyester that meets the Global Recycled Standard.

With 5 XP Padding located across the shoulders, chest and bicep, you can feel secure taking on the fun challenges of the game. 

We have an excellent selection of sizes from small-2 X-Large, making it suitable for all involved. 

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