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JDH X93TT Concave - Sportologyonline
JDH X93TT Concave - Sportologyonline

JDH X93TT Concave

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The X93TT hockey stick from JDH is their stiffest and most powerful stick ever. It still has the signature JDH feel and touch, whilst increasing the hitting power. The X93TT is made with the JDH Taper Toe™ design and finished with unidirectional, high grade, Japanese carbon.

Available in 3 stick lengths: 36.5", 37.5", 38.5"

Composition: 95% Carbon

LOW BOW: Curve | 24.75mm | Bow Point | 200mm | Designed with a concave face for ball speed and accuracy when flicking.

X93 FACT: Jamie's 93rd game for Australia was the Olympic final in Athens and this stick is made with approximately 93% carbon.

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