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KN10 Probow 20/21
KN10 Probow 20/21
KN10 Probow 20/21
KN10 Probow 20/21

KN10 Probow 20/21

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Sticks in the KN range feature Kinetic Core Technology at the epicentre of each stick,
which allows a complete redistribution of weight, creating a light and nimble pickup.
This technology is designed primarily for progressive and fast-paced 3D styles of play. Tri-Tec carbon weave and Graphene reinforcement ensure that the KN range offers optimum combinations of balance, feel and power.

PCS Rating
POWER ............u•••••••••••••••
CONTROL ......u•••••••••••••••
SPEED ...............u•••••••••••••••
LENGTHS: 36.5L, 37.5L, 38.5L
• Maximum power and speed ratings for the ultimate in performance.
• Geocentric Core Technology with Tri-Tec carbon weave and Graphene reinforcement.
• Probow blade profile is designed primarily for 3D skills, drag flicking & aerials.

Sportology Says:

We cannot recommend you purchase a stick online without testing it out first and having a feel of it, each stick can vary in weight, in balance and they're in feel. It's such a personal preference. Our Testing zone can let you pick a stick up and hit a ball so you get a good feel for which stick suits you. If we don't have the stick you want in our shop, we can get it for you.

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