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GR 6000 Probow 20/21
GR 6000 Probow 20/21
GR 6000 Probow 20/21
GR 6000 Probow 20/21

GR 6000 Probow 20/21

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Graphene is exceptionally strong and light and has been precisely combined with the
highly successful GX composition to forge the GR technology.
By combining graphene into the composite matrix, players will have all the durability
and playability of GX technology, with extra power and feel from graphene.
Sticks in the GR range offer exceptional feel, power and playability.

PROBOW - 23055+
PCS Rating
POWER ............u•••••••••••••••
CONTROL ......u•••••••••••••••
SPEED ...............u•••••••••••••••
COLOURS: Silver/Orange
LENGTHS: Probow: 36.5L, 37.5L, 38.5L
• Power and control are balanced for all-round gameplay.
• Graphene offers a unique combination of powerful energy transfer and shock-absorbing properties.
• Probow blade profile is designed primarily for 3D skills, drag flicking & aerials.

Sportology says: We cannot recommend you purchase a stick online without testing it out first and having a feel of it, each stick can vary in weight, in balance and they're in feel. It's such a personal preference. Our Testing zone can let you pick a stick up and hit a ball so you get a good feel for which stick suits you. If we don't have the stick you want in our shop, we can get it for you.

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