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Gray Nicolls

GN Crest Special Pink Cricket Balls

GN Crest Special Pink Cricket Balls

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We've produced a range of cricket balls that caters from international, professional, club and junior cricket. All these balls have gone through our brilliant product design team, who are determined to give cricket clubs as much quality as possible in every ball. Our Crest Special cricket ball is aimed at good level junior cricket team, offering a high-quality ball at a reasonable price.

The Crest Special is perfect for junior cricket, not just because it is long lasting, but because of the varieties, it comes in. Firstly, there are three weight variations to the Crest Special, catering to different age groups playing with is. There is the 135g version, plus 142g and 156g – fantastic for a club with large colts sections. We have also produced the ball in four different colours – traditional red, white, pink, and a red/white combination – ideal for seam bowling practice.

Feature-wise, the ball is machine stitched with high-quality thread, allowing the ball to keep its structure after many uses. The core of the ball is a cork and rubber combination which will retain hardness and continue to perform in practice for a long time.

The ball's durability is improved with its lacquered finish, and the grade 2 chrome tanned leather will give the ball a lovely red look.

If your cricket club is looking for a set of cricket balls for the junior section, consider the Crest Special. It's called the "Special" for a reason.


  • Machine stitched with a high-quality thread

  • Cork and rubber combination core

  • Grade 2 Chrome tanned leather

  • Durable, lightly lacquered finish

  • Two-piece construction

  • Soft shell lining


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