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Evolution CKF65

Evolution CKF65

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The Evolution CKF65 is a 65% carbon lay-up model with the high-quality Toray carbon placed in multi-direction laminate sheets (creates strength in all directions) across a (25%) fibreglass skeleton and with integrated fibreglass laminates giving great touch and feel with the (10%) Kevlar increasing durability, stiffness and laminate bonding. This model is available in the aggressive Ultimate (extreme) low bow model and the less aggressive Pro (low) bend (24mm @ 230mm). Introducing our new Xtreme bow for the 2022/23 season - an ultra low bow + concave shaft and a flat edge to enhance reverse hitting.

  • 65% Carbon
  • Ultimate (Extreme) Low Bend (24.5mm @ 200mm) / Pro (low) bend (24mm @ 230mm) / Xtreme Bend (24mm, flat edge, scoop shaft)
  • Dual-process vibration control (Piezo-Electric fibres, M-Gel)
  • Nano-Polymer Resin
  • High Friction Face
  • Cold Touch Lacquer
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