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ADB 90 for 2019/20

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The new ADB 90 for 2019/20

The Y1 'Advanced Dribble Bow' is made especially for the creative player making it the perfect stick for dribbling and passing.

The ADB collection has been designed in collaboration with both international Forwards/Midfielders and Defenders.


  • Composition:90% X Carbon / 10% Aramid/Fiberglass/Kevlar
  • Balance point: 40+-
  • Weight: 525g +-

Y1 Technologies

  • Y1 X Carbon Technology
  • Reduced head design for ease of 3D skills on the move and reverse lifting.
  • Y1 ‘Balanced toe’ design for easy picking on the reverse and 3D skills.
  • Y1 'Advanced Dribble Bow' specifically designed for creative players.
  • Hot Edge - Enhanced backhand zone for power.
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