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Ultimate Performance

2.5mm Warm Shorts

2.5mm Warm Shorts

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Support Level 3

Perfect for the treatment and prevention of groin, thigh and hamstring injuries. The 2.5mm thick neoprene shorts provide and retain therapeutic heat to the muscles: blood flow is stimulated which helps increase the elasticity and flexibility of the muscles during activity, thus reducing the risk of injury. Increased blood flow can also aid the rate of repair of damaged tissues and help flush toxins from the muscle post activity, decreasing the effect of DOMS. 

  • Wide-taped waistband ensures a comfortable, snug fit.
  • Tailored to provide maximum support for groin and hamstrings.

Measure around waist:

  • Small = 30'' - 32'' (75-81cm)
  • Medium = 32'' - 34'' (81-86cm)
  • Large = 34'' - 36'' (86-91cm)
  • XLarge = 36'' - 38'' (91-96cm)
  • XXLarge = 38'' - 40'' (96-102cm)
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