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Mercian Genesis Pro 2019 - Sportologyonline

Mercian Genesis Pro 2019

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  • 30% Carbon Pro-bend composite hockey stick
  • good level of carbon within the construction to aid energy transfer from player to ball and therefore assisting with hitting power
  • metallic gold on black graphics mimic the Evolution 0.1 and so creates an aspirational stick for players whose goal is to develop their skills using an intermediate stick
  • good power but also excellent touch and vibration control
  • Pro Bend and full midi head ensure that a player's skill execution is supported with an adult shaft shape but without the aggressive low bend that can compromise skill development
  • Pro Bend incorporates a 23.5mm bow positioned just below the mid-point of the shaft (280mm)
  • a balance point that favours the head end of the stick giving a combination of great stick turn-over due to the shape but enhanced hitting power because of the balance point and sweet spot. 
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