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GTi Indoor 10000 Probow - Sportologyonline - Grays
GTi Indoor 10000 Probow - Sportologyonline - Grays
GTi Indoor 10000 Probow - Sportologyonline - Grays

GTi Indoor 10000 Probow

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Grays has specifically developed a composite range suitable for the rigours of indoor hockey. Combining new and innovative materials the range now features sticks that have the feel and touch of wood with the durability and power of composites.
The GTI (Grays Total Indoor) Technology range has been comprehensively tested
in leading indoor markets (Germany, Netherlands and the USA) and features the same characteristics as the outdoor collection. Players can now choose a set of criteria (Power, Control, Speed) that suits their game, especially where close control and touch are prerequisites for success.
Using natural materials and combining these with fibreglass and carbon, the sticks are a significant step up from previous composite versions, underlining Grays vision to lead technical innovations in hockey.

PROBOW - 23068+
PCS Rating
POWER ............u•••••••••••••••
CONTROL ......u•••••••••••••••
SPEED ...............u•••••••••••••••
COLOURS: Fluo Yellow/Black
LENGTHS: 36.5L, 37.5L
• Exceptional combination of power, control and speed.
• Probow profile is great for close control, dribbling & drag flicking.

Sportology says: We cannot recommend you purchase a stick online without testing it out first and having a feel of it, each stick can vary in weight, in balance and they're in feel. It's such a personal preference. Our Testing zone can let you pick a stick up and hit a ball so you get a good feel for which stick suits you. If we don't have the stick you want in our shop, we can get it for you.

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